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Why hire a bookkeeper?

Owning a business can be an enjoyable, yet humbling experience. Business owners never lack the passion and determination to see their businesses thrive, but more than likely they often struggle to keep up.
Maybe you are one of the few business owners that enjoy the book work of balancing accounts, running payroll, filing taxes, and quarterly reports, that’s great!
However, since you're here, I'm assuming you could use the help. 

With my experience in QuickBooks and Excel, mashed together with my tax knowledge as an IRS Enrolled agent, you can rest assured, you have come to the right place!


Don't hire just any bookkeeper!

Hire one with tax knowledge!


The field of remote bookkeepers is growing quickly, but it is important to make sure you are getting a bookkeeper who is knowledgeable in more than just categorizing transactions. 
To be honest, bookkeeping did not make perfect sense to me until I decided to become an IRS Enrolled Agent. Each day, I see bookkeeping with fresh view because each and every transaction boils down to how it will affect your tax return.
When interviewing a bookkeeper, it's important to ask tough questions or else you will pay the price in the long run. Some questions to consider, what is the best way to organize a chart of accounts? How do you complete journal entries? How do you clear payroll liabilities? How do you set up payroll tax payments? How exactly do you reconcile the bank, credit card, and loan accounts? Do you take any continuing education courses for bookkeeping? How many clients do you have? 
Bookkeeping is so much more than a basic job. Bookkeeping involves routine focus on nearly each and every line of your financial reports. Allow me the opportunity to show you my work!

Services available in sizes to fit your needs.

Prices are built upon workload and options, but generally start around $300 a month.

Monthly bookkeeping services via QuickBooks Online

- Expense and income categorizations
- Monthly reconciliation of bank accounts, credit cards, and loans.
- Up to date monthly financial statements to include Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet
- Monthly or Quarterly zoom review of financials or tutorials if requested
- Payroll processing, payroll filings and/or payroll liability reconciliations (optional addition)
- 1099 and W-2 forms filings (optional addition)


As a QBO Advanced ProAdvisor, an Excel guru, and a tax nerd, you may need some of my skills for a different task. Let’s chat, these projects are my favorite! Examples include, helping YOU learn QBO; create a profit and loss statements for rental properties; organizing your business to fit into that schedule C tax form; organizing all those receipts into excel. The possibilities are endless!

Bookkeeping Clean-up Project

If you have a handle on your books, you just got behind, I’ll come to the rescue and get them caught up for you. I also offer an add-on service of a health check of your financial statements to ensure that nothing seems out of the ordinary for your business.


Tax Preparation Services            

Individuals – Form 1040 and Schedule C or 1099 business owners.

Business Tax Returns – S corps

Tax Planning – coming soon

IRS Notice or letters - Let me handle contacting the IRS on your behalf.


Stacy L.

“I was so tired of having someone rush through my tax return each year using lingo I did not understand. This year, I was fortunate to do my tax return in my pajamas through a zoom call with Teara. She really took her time to go through each line on my tax return and explain not only what it was, but how it was calculated and how it connected to other areas of my return. She even found ways to help me lower my tax bill for this year and next. She was honest in that she did not have some answers to a few questions, but she then got back to me after doing some researching. Meeting with her made it seem like she had all the time in the world to focus on just me, even though I know she is busy!"
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